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“For me this retreat was beyond expectations and beyond what I hoped or wished or dreamed. Every sitting was beautiful, every sitting gave me a new insight. Every word, every talk was beautiful. I have really had the most beautiful week of my life. I’ve heard the most beautiful things ever in my life”.
“I came in with no expectations and no doubts. I hadn’t read a single word of Vipassana Meditation. But I leave the retreat with still no doubts. Your teachings are incredible. I see nothing but truth within what you teach and how you teach. I am very lucky to have been here before and to come here again”.
“We were lucky to be given an opportunity to share an experience like this. I have come to understand the contrast between my heart and my head. Most of the time, I don't know what’s going on there. The most valuable experience I think I had is learning from the effort itself. Coming back to the heart, experiencing the heart”.
”My journey with Dhammaruwan started a couple of years ago, the journey to discover the truth, I have had several retreats and I have learnt in each and every one of them and I got stronger with each of those retreats. I think you have this special talent to teach and we are all blessed to have you”.

Nirodha Retreats Worldwide is a spiritual organization based in South East Asia which organizes meditation programs, retreats and events around the world. Nirodha Retreats are currently organized in four continents and over ten countries. The main retreats are in Australia, Europe, South East Asia and North America. The website has several online resources to support the practice of meditators around the world, including an online one on one resource, a developing audio library, meditation basics and a reading list.