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“Your teachings are incredible. I see nothing but truth within what you teach and how you teach. I am very lucky to have been here before and to come here again”

“It’s been amazing, I have come to understand the contra between my heart and my head.”

“for me this retreat was, beyond expectations and beyond what I hoped or wished or dreamed. Every sitting was beautiful, every sitting gave me new insight. Every word, every talk was beautiful. Everything did something to me. I have really had the most beautiful week of my life. I’ve heard the most beautiful things ever in my life”

“You helped me find that pure bliss on what life is and how to make good decisions because at the end of the day that is all you can do. React depending on what is in front of you. So, it’s so practical and that is what I value”

“truly remarkable teachings you have, its a once in a lifetime thing. I thought it was really nice that this environment helped you to see things that are hard to accept but in a way that you did not feel judged or attacked. It was like oh this is there, it was a very easy open acceptance. One of the nicest things that I noticed was how you see things as it happens.”

“I did not like the person I was becoming. Its very important to like you, once you don’t like who you are, things become difficult, because you can deal with other people not liking who you are but you can’t deal with you not liking who you are. I feel like I have found myself to an extent or like in the right direction to finding myself or like on a slide to finding myself, hopefully and with being surrounded by Dhammaruwan’s teachings and these wonderful people, I feel like I would be out of the woods as you say. Thank you!”